Planning to renovate your business location? Be sure to check out these five tips for how to get the work done on a budget, no matter how small your renovation budget may be.

1) Consider if you need renovation at all

Before you start talking about how to renovate your business location, you need to figure out if you actually need it. There are a lot of benefits to revamping your storefront; an updated store will not only make your customers feel more welcome, but they’ll also notice that the store has been taken care of and this might convince them to stay and shop more. But even though there are plenty of reasons why updating is good for business, that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. The decision should ultimately be up to the owner on whether or not they want an update. Sometimes new isn’t necessary, if a business already has an aesthetic they’re happy with and working well with their customers.

2) Know what to expect when hiring a contractor

1. Some contractors work exclusively on residential projects, while others focus solely on commercial construction. If you’re renovating a large space, it’s important to find a contractor that specializes in commercial work. 2. Make sure you get your project started and submitted for bid before the summer months arrive as this is when contractors are busier with other projects or spend time on vacation. 3. Plan ahead by mapping out exactly what you want and how you envision your new location to look – pictures, sketches, drawing or anything else will help the contractor understand your vision more quickly and give him an idea of where to start first as well as any special attention needs (example: lighting plan). 

3) Assess your needs beforehand

Think about how you want your business to look and feel. Try to include details that will make the space feel like a reflection of you, your brand, and your company’s values. It can be very helpful to work with a designer who specializes in commercial design.

4) Do it yourself (DIY)

There are a few things you can do on your own to help upgrade your business location and make it look more professional. The first thing is to paint the walls and ceiling with an eggshell, low-luster paint. It will be easier to maintain and update over time as well as bring out a room’s natural light. The second thing is to replace outdated window treatments like horizontal blinds with vertical ones. Third, replace existing fixtures like bathroom exhaust fans for newer ones that are more energy efficient. Fourth, add decorative touches by using custom-made wood trim around windows and doors to give a modern feel. Fifth, install new floors such as hardwood or luxury vinyl plank flooring instead of carpeting that becomes stained over time.

5) Avoid making common mistakes

1. Not Planning Out the Project- Moving fast and breaking things will cost you more time and money in the long run. 

2. Ignoring Loose Plumbing- Insulate pipes with pipe insulation or add insulation to your attic, basement, or crawl space to reduce heating costs in your home by 10%. 

3. Forgetting To Insulate Windows- Install storm windows over the vulnerable glass in your house like a bay window or an extra wide picture window so that it doesn’t constantly get cold and drafty inside.

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