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What Is a Long-Term Business Loan?

When you’re ready to make significant investments toward your future growth, it might be time for a long-term business loan. A long-term business loan is usually a larger loan up to $500,000 that’s repaid over three to five years. They generally have better rates and repayment options compared to short-term loans. They’re used to promote extended business growth.

You can use a long-term business loan for a variety of purposes:


For businesses with good credit history and scores above 700

Affordable Payments

Low interest rates and easy monthly payment terms

Low interest rates and easy monthly payment terms

Get Started

1. Apply

It takes minutes to fill out the online application. Apply with just your last four bank statements.

2. Get Approved

Know if you’re approved within 24 hours of your application on average

3. Receive Your Funds

Once approved, you’ll see the funds in your account in as little as 48 hours.

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Is a Long-Term Business Loan Right for You?

Long-term loans are ideal for businesses looking to promote extended business growth, not organizations looking for some quick cash. Because they’re more substantial loans, the application requirements are typically a bit higher compared to most other types of loans

Before applying for a long-term business loan, you’ll need to prove the following:

Established business history

Good credit score of 700+

Proven revenue stream

How to Get Started

The first step to building your business’s financial future is filling out an application. At UFG, we make it easy for businesses to get the long-term funding they need. It takes only minutes to fill out an online application. Just bring your last four bank statements! Most applications are approved within 24 hours, and you could see the funds in your account in as little as 48 hours of approval. Don’t wait around to build your business. Get the funding you need with UFG. Start your application today!

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