How long has it been since you upgraded your office space? If you’re like most small businesses, the answer to that question is probably far too long—which means it’s probably time to get started on those upgrades! The benefits of upgrading your office space now go far beyond making your business look better; there are also plenty of business-specific benefits to consider. If you’re having trouble coming up with the funding to make this happen, though, don’t worry; that’s where a Merchant Cash Advance from United Funding Group can help!

1) Improved customer experience

When you renovate, customers can feel a difference. They’ll notice new furniture, fixtures, and technology. All these items provide benefits that help improve the customer experience. Customers notice when businesses make an effort to change things up and upgrade their office space. New furniture and decor will also lift employee morale which benefits both employees and customers. A place that looks modern and inviting will often attract more foot traffic than an older building with outdated fixtures. Improvements in small business offices show that you care about creating a positive experience for all visitors to your establishment, whether they are there for personal or professional reasons.

2) Increased productivity

Many small businesses don’t realize how much their workspace affects productivity and employee satisfaction. A cramped, uninviting space can make employees want to spend less time in it and more time at home. And that means lost work hours and lost opportunities to network with other local businesses. If you’re renovating because you are growing, consider investing in an open-concept design, which can boost employee morale by creating a sense of space and community—which is great for business networking. Open offices also allow natural light into workspaces, which improves moods and productivity, so even if there isn’t extra square footage available for each employee, consider using tall cubicles or partitions that offer less privacy but allow light through.

3) Employee performance

If your employees are comfortable and well-taken care of, they’ll be more productive. This holds true for everything from lighting to seating. Both are important when it comes to employee performance. A good lighting system can help improve concentration and make everyone feel more at ease with their surroundings. On a basic level, think about how much easier it is to work on something if you can actually see what you’re doing. It also helps if there isn’t glare that causes eyestrain or headaches after working hours in a fluorescent-lit office space all day.

4) Beautiful surroundings

Every employee wants to come to work in a healthy, inviting environment. Studies show that employees who feel positive about their workplace are more motivated and productive. Plus, they’re more likely to stick around and help build your business into something great. So why not set up an appealing office space? A simple way to do that is by renovating old offices and upgrading them with new furniture or amenities.

5) Keeping ahead of competition

Small businesses can also benefit from re-doing their offices. The workplace is one area that many small business owners tend to overlook when it comes to marketing strategy. In fact, most small businesses don’t even have a website and some don’t even have a social media presence, so how will anyone know about them if they are serious about attracting new customers? For any business – big or small – a modern office space can communicate professionalism and stability, both valuable assets in customer relations. A renovated office can set you apart from competitors as it gives potential clients a sense of what kind of business you run and who runs it. When people visit an outdated or run-down space, they may view that as an indication that things are not going well for the company.

6) Taking pride in what you do

A lot of small business owners take pride in their products or services and it shows. If you’re tired of paying high prices to rent office space, renovate your office space to match that feeling. From new desks to freshly painted walls, many companies look for ways to give their employees a professional and comfortable work environment. Investing in a clean, functional workspace can help attract top talent and show off what you’re working toward as an organization. 

7) Being environmentally friendly

We’ve talked about how environmentally friendly renovations can be good for business. In fact, many customers will choose businesses that are green because they believe those businesses are more conscious about their impact on the environment. That’s a win for everyone involved—and not just because you’ll be saving money on overhead expenses like utilities, but also because you’ll see an increase in employee productivity and morale. And if that isn’t enough to convince you to pick up a paintbrush and start sprucing up your office, consider that some businesses actually receive tax credits when they upgrade to green-friendly systems and practices. Talk about incentive!

8) Increasing employee morale

One of the biggest reasons why small businesses should renovate their office space is to improve morale. You can get a lot more done when you’re happier and more engaged. Good morale leads to higher employee productivity, which leads to greater profits for your business. It’s also worth mentioning that if you want to attract and retain great employees, you need a beautiful work environment in which they’ll want to work. In addition, people are going to judge you based on how nice your office is (even if they don’t consciously know it). Even if only subconsciously, employees will feel better about working at a company with an office that feels nice and clean, rather than one with ripped-up carpeting or gross bathrooms.

How a merchant cash advance will help you fund your project

A merchant cash advance, also known as an MCA, is a payment that you can get from a lender for your business. It’s especially valuable if you’re trying to renovate or expand your business and need extra funds. In addition to helping you with financing your project, MCA lenders also provide other useful services that can improve your business. If you’re interested in getting an MCA, take some time now before starting renovations or expansions—it will save you both time and money in the long run!

If you need cash and are looking for some extra funding, you should consider a Merchant Cash Advance from United Funding Group. From higher employee retention to lower operating costs, there are many reasons why your business would benefit from an improved office space. There’s no reason why any small business shouldn’t take advantage of these perks—and a Merchant Cash Advance from United Funding Group is just what you need to finance your renovations! 

To learn more about improving your office space today, contact United Funding Group today by filling out our online form or giving us a call at 1-954-287-4539. Don’t forget: if you’re looking for financing options that are designed with your small business in mind—including Merchant Cash Advances—we’ve got you covered there too! So don’t hesitate to speak with one of our representatives today.

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