Did you start your own business with the dream of seeing it grow and provide you with financial security? Unfortunately, sometimes even the best laid plans don’t go exactly as we expected. Perhaps your business wasn’t as profitable as you had hoped it would be, or perhaps you made some bad financial decisions along the way and now you’re struggling to cover all of your expenses. If so, then you should know that there are resources available to help you get back on your feet so that you can continue working towards achieving your goals. One such resource is a merchant cash advance loan from United Funding Group.

How bad does it have to be before you reach out for help?

We know that starting a business and running it is an extremely daunting task, but what if you get to a point where you’re at your wit’s end? What should you do then? First of all, we want to stress that if you haven’t tried reaching out to others for help, then you shouldn’t be reading any further. We have found that most small business owners will never ask for help and will just keep trying (and failing) until they finally give up. Instead of giving up, though, reach out. The idea behind United Funding Group is simple – we want small businesses to succeed by taking care of their cash flow needs. Once a business owner calls us, one of our highly trained account managers will work with them to determine how much money they need and how quickly they need it. As long as everything meets our requirements, we’ll approve funding within 24 hours. You can even use our line of credit if you need additional funds down the road!

Do your research online

While you should never solely rely on internet resources, it’s a good idea to start your search for a MCA loan online. Even if you don’t end up using United Funding Group, you can use their site to find a variety of different options (some of which might be better than what they offer). You can also ask friends who are business owners for referrals or recommendations. If all else fails, call your local small business development center to ask about local companies or organizations that might be able to help out.

Create a realistic budget

If you’re struggling to stay afloat, there’s no shame in admitting that you need help. And one of your first steps should be creating a realistic budget that shows exactly how much money you bring in each month and where it goes. Knowing where your money is going will not only make you more financially aware, but it can also prevent huge gaps from creeping into your finances. If an unexpected expense pops up, having a concrete grasp of your finances will help you know how to deal with it—and whether or not it’s worth cutting back somewhere else. To create a realistic budget, track your spending for at least one month (preferably two), then look at what categories are most out of line with what you earn. Subtracting those large expenses from your total income gives you a good idea of what you can expect to earn every month once those big expenses have been dealt with (or better yet, eliminated altogether). It might feel scary to start tracking down all those monthly expenses that often get overlooked, but take heart in knowing that knowing is half the battle! Once you have an accurate idea of where all your money goes, finding ways to cut costs will become easier. Even small cuts add up over time!

Set up a plan

If you’re at the end of your rope with financing, and you don’t know what to do next, it might be time to get a merchant cash advance loan. An MCA loan is a great way to get back in the black and start seeing positive numbers once again. UFG can connect you with an agent who can help set up a plan to finance your business.

When you reach out, have your personal information handy including your business information (including company name and business address), your net income range, details about your current financial situation and references from current customers or clients who have used your services before. The representatives at United Funding Group can help determine what type of MCA loan works best for your situation based off information they receive during their initial consultation with you over the phone. Plus, if you are approved for a loan, don’t forget to ask how to get a free merchant cash advance review!

Contact United Funding Group

It’s easy to get in touch with United Funding Group. You can send us an email, call our direct support number or fill out a contact form online. Once we verify your information, we can send over an application for a cash advance. You can then review our loan terms and choose a repayment option that works for you and your business. 

 We’re happy to help businesses like yours get back on their feet and stay there. Apply today and find out if you’re eligible for a loan with United Funding Group. Our representatives will be ready to take your call at 954-287-4539. 

To apply for a merchant cash advance loan, contact United Funding Group by submitting our contact request or calling 954-287-4539 today!

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