How will you pay the bills if your bank suddenly shuts down all of your credit lines and refuses to lend you any more money? What if your biggest client doesn’t come through on their payments? These are just two of the many reasons why every business should have an emergency infusion of capital on hand at all times. Fortunately, today there are many merchant cash advance loan options that can help with exactly this situation, and United Funding Group can help you get the cash you need fast when your business needs it most.

Does your company need an emergency infusion of capital?

The fact is, many small businesses don’t seek financing until it’s too late. But even a last-minute loan can help stabilize your company and keep it on track. And if you choose a merchant cash advance loan, you may be able to close on one faster than you might with traditional bank financing. A business owner who decides he needs more capital quickly doesn’t have to wait for days or weeks in order to get his hands on extra cash; instead, he can go online or pick up the phone and reach out to a lender like United Funding Group in just minutes. He can fill out simple paperwork that takes only about 5 minutes, including inputting banking information.

How does a Merchant Cash Advance from United Funding Group work?

A merchant cash advance, or MCA, is a form of financing that gives small businesses access to much-needed capital in a way that can be both fast and easy. Unlike traditional bank loans, MCAs are unsecured loans—meaning they don’t require collateral like property or inventory to get approved. Instead, they rely on a business’s credit rating (and sometimes its future sales revenue) as security for repayment. This can make it possible for small businesses to receive funding quickly when they need it most—especially if their application wouldn’t pass muster with a traditional lender in today’s competitive lending environment.

What are the benefits of Merchant Cash Advances (MCA)?

Merchant cash advances are a way for small businesses to receive emergency funding quickly and efficiently. Funds from a merchant cash advance can be used to finance operations and pay off debt obligations, such as real estate leases or outstanding invoices. Cash flow is critical for running any business, but it’s especially important for small businesses because a lack of capital can cause your company to miss payroll or put business expansion plans on hold. If you need quick cash to keep your company afloat, United Funding Group can help with a merchant cash advance loan from United Funding Group.

Which businesses will qualify for MCA funding?

Though MCA funding is ideal for most small businesses, there are some that may not qualify. Some types of businesses that usually won’t qualify for a merchant cash advance include: businesses operating in highly competitive markets like hotels and restaurants; businesses that are struggling to stay open; companies with bad credit or no credit histories; and startups with little or no sales history. Those looking to get a merchant cash advance should call United Funding Group at 1-954-287-4539 to see if they will qualify.

Why should I consider getting an MCA instead of running to my bank or looking into traditional financing options like SBA loans?

You can apply for a merchant cash advance in as little as 24 hours, and funds can be deposited into your business checking account within one business day. If you have bad credit or no credit, United Funding Group is here to help you. We believe that all businesses deserve fair treatment from their creditors – even if you’ve had a difficult time obtaining traditional financing in the past. Whether you run a small, local flower shop or manage an international freight company, we can help match you with our best-in-class MCA program. Apply now to get started on your application!

Who do I contact at United Funding Group if I want more information about Merchant Cash Advances?

Call us at 954-287-4539 or fill out our online application. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have. What happens after I apply for a merchant cash advance? After you submit your application, a professional business loan specialist will get in touch with you immediately to discuss your options, negotiate repayment terms, and begin processing your advance if everything checks out. You don’t need to put up collateral—we make funding decisions based on cash flow, not collateral value—so there are no prepayment penalties or credit checks. You also have complete control over how long it takes for us to approve you for an advance—and what amount you get approved for.

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